Our Patriots  C-D

Below is a list of Patriots in the Revolutionary War and whose ancestors are members, Compatriots, of the Oregon SAR and DAR. These Patriot names will be carved into the stone walls of the Memorial in Beaverton. Dark blue boxes have linked Patriots bios, click on the name to activate.

 Chase, Caleb      SAR Compatriots Keith Barnes, Wyatt Barnes

 Crawford, James SAR Compatriot David Crawford

 Coleman, Jacob    SAR Compatriot Michael Mason

Combs Sr., John  SAR Compatriot Wilbur Shakro

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 Crapo, Peter, Pvt.    Captain Levi Rounseville's Co.of minutemen which marched April 19 - 21, 1775    SAR Compatriot Jerry Larsen

Cox, Phineas  SAR Compatriot Fred Isbell

Carter, Samuel  SAR Compatriots William Murray, Peter Murray

 Church, Giles  SAR Compatriots Brian Perez, Brett Perez

 Dicks, James  DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

 Dicks, Peter  DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

 Craw, Reuben, Pvt.,  DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

 Dumont, Peter, Sgt.,   Col. Wynkoop Reg., New York  SAR Compatriot Arlen Clark

 Dyer Jr., Henry    SAR Compatriots Charles Martin, Joseph Martin

 Colton, Ebenezer  Massachusetts   DAR Daughter Sue Proud

 Ditto, Francis L., Pvt.,  2nd Pennsylvania Reg.  SAR Compatriot Arlen Clark

 Colclough, William  SAR Compatriots Tom Boardman, Edward Boardman

 Devin Jr., William    SAR Compatriots David Devin, Gary Devin, Steven Devin, Michael Devin

 Covington, Francis S.  SAR Compatriot Albert Carder

 Colburn, Robert, Sr.  New Hampshire   DAR Daughter Janice Gadway Gardner

Colburn, Benjamin, Pvt.,    New Hampshire Minuteman May 15, 1777    DAR Daughter Janice Gadway Gardner