Our Patriots  K-L

Below is a list of Patriots in the Revolutionary War and whose ancestors are members, Compatriots, of the Oregon SAR and DAR. These Patriot names will be carved into the stone walls of the Memorial in Beaverton. Dark blue boxes have linked Patriots bios, click on the name to activate.

Lindsey, Archibald    SAR Compatriot Fred Heiserman

Keller, Christopher  SAR Compatriots Bruce Keller, Harpel Keller

Kellog, Elijah SAR Compatriot David Shoemaker

Leonard, Patrick    SAR Compatriot Jesston Wagner

Lyon, John, Lt.,    1st Bat. Northumberland Co. Pennsylvania Militia   SAR Compatriots Connor Wilson, Christopher Wilson

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 Landis, Jacob, Pvt.  5th Class, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania Militia   SAR Compatriot Arlen Clark

Ladd, John, Pvt.    DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

Leffingwell, Samuel    SAR Compatriot Kenneth Alger